Erba Hematology Analyzer 3 Part

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Advanced 3 Part Differential


  • Only 3 reagents needed (Erba Diluent-Diff, Erba Lyse-Diff, Erba Cleaner), enviroment-friendly (cyanide free)

  • Built-in printer with 58 mm wide roll paper, full report with histograms
  • USB interface for support: Host computer, Keyboard, External printers, Upgrade control SW, Data back-up, Hand-held barcode reader
  • Usage of standard electronic and mechanic components
  • Aperture made in technical ruby

Easy handling

  • Full colour LCD touch-screen with high contrast ratio
  • Optional 8 languages (EN, FR, DE, CZ, PT, RU, ES, Indonesian)
  • User-friendly multilingual operating menu
  • Sample rotor, ensuring safe and easy sampling
  • Small-sized, low-maintenance needed

Technical Specification

Measurement principles:

  • Electrical impedance method
  • Photometry – LED based technology

22 parameters: WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, LYM#, MON#, GRA#, LYM%, MON%, GRA%, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PDW-SD, PDW-CV, MPV, PCT, P-LCC, P-LCR + 3 histograms (WBC-3part, RBC, PLT)

Throughput: 80 tests / hour
Sample volume: 25µl of whole blood using automatic sample holder
Chambers: Dual chamber advanced system for higher accuracy & precision
Clean Modes:

  • High voltage pulses on aperture
  • Chemical cleaning of the aperture using Erba Cleaner reagent
  • Back-flush using high-pressure

Data capacity: 10 000 results with all histograms
Data back-up method: USB mass storage device
Software upgrade method: Via USB port (using USB mass storage)
Built-in printer: Thermal printer module with 3 flexible options

  • Print full report with histograms
  • Only Print basic 8 parameters
  • Print from memory

User interface & display:

  • Full colour LCD touch-screen with high contrast ratio
  • Status LED

Dimensions (W x D x H): 320 mm x 260 mm x 365 mm

Net Weight: 12 kg

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